"Chira", the welcome pose

The new Gurukul House in Raghurajpur village (january 2010)

Regd. No PR 6201
Dt - 16/2003-2004

Abhinna Sundar Gotipua Dance Gurukul

Our voluntary institution is situated at Raghurajpur village (14km from the pilgrimage town of Puri, Orissa), in the residence of Guru Basanta Kumar Moharana & founder Director Guru Sri Laxman Moharana. 

Under the Guru's tutelage and guidance, the institute has been working for the promotion and popularisation of the unique traditional Gotipua dance for 10 years.

It has already trained some Gotipua dancers who have become Odissi dancers, Gotipua dance gurus, instructors, etc... in their later life.

This institution also provide the boys with formal schooling up to the 10th class. The boys stay with the Guru in his residence for at least six years to complete the course of training.

Ten years ago, when the Gotipua dance declined and was on the verge of extinction due to lack of sponsorship and to the collapse of the gymnasiums in Puri city, this Institute started a Gotipua dance school in a traditional way where the boys receive the instruction fully residential.

It is nowadays one of the only traditional Gotipua school where the dancers stay at residence with the Guru to receive the technical and spiritual essence of this unique dance. The Institute has just inaugurated his new Gurukul house in January 2010.

Over the years, the Institute has painstakingly developed the dance form to the present level of sophistication and acceptance.

Abhinna Sundar Gotipua Nrutya Parishad, literally on its own, by virtue of their dance performances everywhere, has revived this traditional dance of Orissa, and made it well-known among the people of India and abroad.

Performance in Durgapur, West Bengal

The Dance group of the Institute has performed in almost all important folk dance festivals of India such as

  • Silpa Grama Utsav (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh)
  • Folk Festival of Davangere in Karnataka
  • Bahuroopi (national theatre festival in Mysore, Karnataka)
  • Rangoly Bihu (festival of Sankar dev Kala Khetra, Assam)
  • Island tourism festival of Andaman
  • Rastriya Khadi Mela of Ranchi and Jamsedpur (Jharkhand)
  • Loka Utsav (Durgapur, West Bengal)
  • Gotipua demonstration in National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum (New-Delhi)
  • Saras Festival (Patiala, Punjab)
  • and many other places in India

    and on International Theater Festivals in Italy, Poland, Austria, Germany, Portugal, France, U.K., Spain, Switzerland, Slovenia, Morocco.

    The Dance group is regularly performing in the local religious festivals and processions in Orissa.

  • Training Bandha Nrutya in the Gurukul


  • The Grotowski Institute - Poland - july 2004
    (center for study on Jerzy Grotowski's work, and for cultural and theatrical research)

  • Research Center of Rome University "La Sapienza" - Italy - oct. 2004
    (organized by Centro Teatro Ateneo)

  • Zurich University - Switzerland - 2004

  • Kant University - United Kingdom - 2008

  • Spain - 2008

  • Milon Mela, theater house, Santiniketana (director Abani Biswas)
    India and Italy - 2001-2010